Our Mission

Take back your dinner table! See how Grow Safe helps you and your community  grow your own food year round.


“I learned quite a few things from this field trip. The first stop Pepperboy Farms Aquaponics. I was amazed at how something like this is possible. I thought it was super cool to see how the plants were able to live with this kind of a system.”


"I liked the Aquaponics farm because it is self-sustaining: the plants clean the water for the fish and add nutrients to the water. The water is pumped up to the plants, then it flows down to the fish.”


“What I liked about the Pepperboy Farms Aquaponics was how you could move the plants around to different parts of the water, and know that they will get enough nutrients. I hope one day I can own an aquaponics farm.”

Help Your Community Grow safe

Our Kids get it, maybe it's time for us adults to Listen

The Hatchery


Our mission is to help communities, both municipal and educational, build, maintain and service their own aquaponics systems allowing them to grow healthy, safe food year round. With clean and sweet Yellow Perch, along with vegetables from several basil varieties, to bold and spicy peppers, the vegetable selections are great! All grown without pesticides, herbicides or growth additives.

The Grow Safe team will come into your community; assess, build, train, and service your very own Aquaponics system. With 24-7 online support you can start growing your own food quickly, safely, and confidently.

Grow Safe has a big goal!! We are actively acquiring funds to build a state of the art Yellow Perch hatchery. This facility will supply all of the Midwest’s perch fingerlings so your community and many like it can Grow Safe. Please consider making a donation to help Grow Safe achieve this goal.

Watch the video below to see Aquaponics in action at our aquaculture center in New Ulm, MN



“I thought that this field trip was an amazing learning experience. We were able to learn things that were new while still having fun. My favorite part of going to the aquaponics farm was learning about how people are able to make, grow, and control an efficient manageable system, and good for the environment area to produce organic, healthy greens, while having everything in an urban area”

 “The Pepperboy Farms Aquaponics place was beautiful. I loved that all the water was recycled and clean and useful for the fish and plants. I mean you’re not continuously wasting water or killing plants and fish. No, this is simple, it’s the same water all the way around and the same type of fish who only die of natural causes and plants that thrive from all the water and fish waste for plant foods and nutrients.”

 “At Pepperboy Farms Aquaponics I got to try arugula, which tasted like a radish, mushroom. I got to see a new way of farming and be inspired. I loved it there.”

How does Grow Safe work?

1. Grow Safe selects your city to "take back your dinner table".
2. Grow Safe works with your community to choose a location for your own Urban Aquaponics Farm.
3. Grow Safe partners with community members, trains them, gives them support, and helps them successfully grow safe food 12 months a year.
4. Grow Safe guarantees a premium buy back price for your fish and any vegetable overages you may have.

5. Grow Safe is committed to your success! Our goal is to provide member support and donations so that communities will be successful.